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As a designer, the important thing for me is to ask the right questions.  It's not about the right answers, it's about the process. This interactive process helps explore your topic, purpose, and audience and how to tell your story effectively. It's a collaborative process that relies on your input and feedback. In the end, you get a highly customized design that works for your specific needs.

My personalized practice of graphic design combines skilled typography and spot-on visuals to effectively communicate your message.

I've honed my design skills over more than 25 years working with a wide variety of businesses, organizations, and individuals in the local Salem area and beyond. I'm ready to be your designer. Let's talk.


I'm loving life in the PNW, and outdoor adventures involving camping, hiking and quiet water kayaking.  But I'm also a home-body loving to work in my garden and host family gatherings. A real joy in my life is singing with a 100-voice choir in Salem and with a Victorian caroling group. When I'm not designing for clients, I create fun outdoor-life stickers and sell them in my etsy shop

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